Sunday, November 25, 2018

Still here and photographing, but not very communicative.

It must have a lot to do with my being a fairly strong introvert, but I DO want to keep you more updated on my photos and travels. 
I may be adding a new link here soon that will take you to a second photo collection I have, which I seem to be spending more time keeping up to date.  I haven't yet decided which to emphasize the most.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Time flies #2

No, I'm not dead, just still WAY BEHIND....


If only good intentions were enough to get my desired work done.


I don't know how time can run by so fast, but it does. 


I now have thousands of photos that I need to get online.  But, I always spend more time taking pictures than posting them.  As usual, taking pictures is more fun. 


Since my last post I have traveled to many places and taken many nature photos.  I have also taken part in some art shows.  But, to make my posting behavior worse, I am not only behind getting the photos to my personal web account (, I am just about as far behind in getting them to my online agent.  That is extra bad.   No one buys what they can't see.


I hope I will get new photos posted before too much longer. 


This still reminds me of the saying, "Too busy cutting wood to sharpen the axe."  I know better! 


Just think.  I have 2 million followers and I STILL don't keep up (part of that is supposed to be humorous). 


Hopefully, some success will be coming,


Bob Paulson

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time flies

I don't know how time can run by so fast, but it has. 

I have umpteen hundreds of photos that I need to get online, but I seem to be spending time taking pictures instead of posting them.  Of course, the taking part is always more fun. 

Since my last post I have spent a month in and around Jasper National Park, Jasper, Canada, plus time photographing at the ocean and in the Oregon High Desert, and publishing my photo book, Highlights of Nature.  That all translates to:  elk, bighorn sheep, coyotes, birds, landscapes, forest fire damage and habitat resurrection....   

I promise, I will get new photos posted soon. 

Reminds me of the saying I like, "Too busy cutting wood to sharpen the axe."  I know better!  Now it's time act on what I know. 

More to come,

Bob Paulson

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where did the snow go?

I went into the lower levels of the Mount Hood National Forest, south of Estacada, Oregon, last Wednesday, 1-19-2011, to revisit one of my favorite river areas in hopes of getting some river/forest/snow pictures.  The elevation there is roughly 900 feet. 

40,562.02485 forest moss cliff
 Woops!  The first two ideas were fine (river/forest), but the snow was totally gone.  However, I did have a chance to photograph the forest displaying unusually brilliant greens and browns for this time of year.  It was like walking under a rainforest's deep canopy.  Heavy rains (which knocked out the snow) a couple days ago, and fog earlier in the day had made everything brilliant green -- the conifer trees, moss (which was everywhere), and even ferns made it look like late spring. 
The river was running very high, just at the top of its banks.  Had I been there three or four days earlier I would have seen the river about two feet over the banks and looking even more mean than it was.  The cause of all the water and lack of snow was not just local.  The Mount Hood area (4-12,000 foot) about 35 miles away has been getting 9-10 inches of rain for a couple days, which fell on their deep snow and compounded the water runoff.  Naturally, roared downhill it even took out some houses and roads in different areas.  My area wasn't hit as hard, but it definitely flooded. 

On my day out, the sun was spotty and didn't provide all I wanted for pictures, but it all worked out.  You can see a couple of my photos here, and more will soon be on my website. 

Feel free to look at my photos at Bob Paulson's Photography In Natural Settings, as well as those held by my agent -- see Bob Paulson at ALAMY IMAGES.

Thanks for visiting. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2010 rolls to 2011

After many 2010 travels and hundreds of pictures, 2011 has arrived and more photo trips are in the works.

My most recent exploration put my wife and me in Jasper, Alberta, Canada, for many days of stalking wildlife (elk, bighorn sheep, coyotes, wolves -- with photos of each) and snowy mountain landscapes. Although the fruits of our travels aren't on my website yet, soon some of these photos will be -- I invite you to take a look.

As you'll notice from the this highway photo, not all snow activities are fun. We saw -- but fortunately were not part of -- some very serious accidents while on the road to and from Jasper.

Plans for 2011 include spots close by here in Oregon and Washington, and a few new more distant settings. I'm eager to get back to shooting again, but first I still have many weeks of work to do to finalize my photos from last year.

I look forward to keeping in touch.

May 2011 bring you great joy and success.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Too Busy Cutting Wood to Sharpen the Ax

40,299.09411 Oregon Iris, Iris tenax (wildflower)

40,307.09673 deciduous forest understory

40,307.09592 Pacific Waterleaf, Hydrophyllum tenuipes (wildflower)

40,307.09582 Pacific Waterleaf, Hydrophyllum tenuipes (wildflower)

40,307.09559 Salmon fishermen, Willamette River, Oregon

I think I should admit the above is my most recent poor excuse with my photography. I SHOULD be posting many more of my photos on my personal website, Bob Paulson's Photography In Natural Settings, and with my agent -- see: Bob Paulson at ALAMY IMAGES. I have many many new and exciting photos, but I simply have not been uploading them.

In case you haven't come across the phrase "Too Busy Cutting Wood to Sharpen the Ax" before, I first heard it from a genuine old timber logger. To make a long story short, what it means is a person thinks they are too busy doing something important to take time off to do something that is actually essential to the task at hand. Consequently, the individual actually achieves far less than they could/should.

In my case, I'm trying to rectify the situation and should be posting more photos in the coming weeks. I have hundreds of new nature photos -- a number of which are out on exhibit at local businesses -- but the photos have yet to make it to my websites.

Hang on! The best will get there.
As you may have guessed by now, I would much rather go out and take photos than market them -- "Too Busy Cutting Wood to Sharpen the Ax."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy as a beaver in spring floods!

Needless to say, I have not been keeping my blog up, but my photography has been going strong. I have spent a great deal of time updating and expanding my PINS website, and am adding more photos and functions as time goes by.

Take a look at the site, and I think you will see a VERY big difference from a year ago, and an even bigger expansion will take place this year.

I'm heading to central Oregon for a shoot this week. Some of thoes new things should be on my site before long.

Stop by and give a look.